Getting Started

API Registration

In order to start using one of iPayment's APIs, you must first register for an API key + secret. You will need each of these in order to authenticate with the API.

To register, please contact us to get setup.

API Certification

Once you have received your API key + secret, you will have access to use the sandbox (non-production) environment for the API you registered for.

After you have integrated your application with the API, iPayment will certify that you are able to call each API resource in the API using best practices.

After certification is complete, you will be given a production API key + secret that will allow API access to the production environment.

Design Principles

iPayment has established a set of design principles that each API adheres to. It is recommended to review these principles prior to integrating with any API.

API Documentation

Each API is thoroughly documented and contains an API Guide in addition to an browsable API Reference. Some APIs also include tutorials.

These guides and references are your primary source of information for each API.


There are certain terms that are used in both the payment processing industry in addition to specific terms used by iPayment.

The glossary explains the terms related to iPayment or the industry to help you understand the terminology used in the API.